Inventory Management System

A good decision and important step for growing organizations is to merge their operational functions into one platform known as supply chain management. And first step towards supply chain management is maintaining Inventory. Inventory Management is then integrated with Purchase and Sales Management.

Here, we are moving to propose a solution towards Inventory Management, i.e. Inventory management System.

Our Inventory Management System is intelligent enough to help you track all of technical points that must be known to run your functions smoothly. E.g. Safety Stock: How much inventory to have in hand to ensure the continuous supply and to meet demand, while also keeping the margin for the lead time. Reorder Level: When to reorder materials for inventory. This is determined when the quantity of some material or item in stock decreases to a certain level, known as reorder Level.

Managing Inventory is no more an issue

Your Accounts are also managed with your Assets

No need to worry about Data backups, we will handle it for you

Purchase Cycle

Sales Cycle


To organize products with:
We may organize a no of thousands of products, there is no limit.

Initiation & Project Proposal

To Use barcodes to manage inventory more easily, accurately and quickly. Our software is compatible with most of today barcode scanners.

Multiple Units of Measurement

To facilitate with multiple units of measurement, e.g. purchase and track inventory by the packet or piece, and sell out by the KG or dozen.

Locations management

To track and manage inventory at multiple locations and sub-locations.

Traceability options

Helps tracking inventory items against Stock #, Batch #, Aisle #, bin numbers, etc.

Item’s complete History

Provides complete history of any inventory item’s movement or re-alocation or returning to store etc.

Products against Raw Inventory

To Assemble Products against Bill-of-Materials


Products are organized in terms of:

  • Categories/sub categories
  • List of all inventory items
  • prices
  • Descriptions
  • Photographs
  • Technical details
  • datasheets
  • Multiple units of measurement
  • Location management
  • Reorder level setting
  • Available stock report
  • Lead Time management
  • Costing Model Selection(LIFO / FIFO / Average)
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Quotations / Invoices / Receipts
  • Items complete history / Traceability options
  • Suppliers/ Vendors management
  • Clients List

Added Benefits

  • Data Backup Facility
  • Reports Generation
  • Graphical reports
  • Document Scanning and attachments
  • Access Control & Rights management
  • Modular Approach for future needs

Inventory & Sales Cycle Management System

  • Products/Items Management: To define all the Products/Items in terms of:

Categories and sub-categories

Product description/specification/model

Prices (sales price/purchase price)

Option to attach product image or flyer.

Barcodes (optional)

Alerts for stock levels

Alerts for stock expiry

  • Stock Management



Available stock Report

Stock worth report

  • Quotations Generation in fixed pre-defined format (as provided by client) with options:

To auto pick Customers from customers database or quick addition of new customers

To optionally add tax against the whole quotation

To optionally offer discount against the whole quotation

To add Terms and Conditions from predefined templates

To add Signatures from predefined templates

To maintain multiple versions/revisions of quotations

Invoice Generation in fixed pre-defined format against Quotations

Receipts Generation against generated Invoices

Gate pass Generation against generated Invoices

Locking/Posting the finalized Sales invoices

Receiving Payments against Invoices

Delivery Chalan(DC) Generation against generated Invoices

Option to generate Purchase Order (PO) (to order a product).

Purchase invoice is generated against PO. Sometimes direct PI is also created.

Locking/Posting the finalized Purchase invoices

Making Payments against Purchase Invoices

Multiple Modes of Payments

Option to maintain status of cheques as Payment Received and In-Hand, Under-Clearance and Cashed.

Option to create Bank Accounts and issue/receive cheques from/into created bank accounts.

Option to maintain record of expired items.

Purchase Returns option

Sales Returns option

Rich End-user Experience

Users Management

  • A comprehensive module to add, update or remove software end-user(s).
  • Users are created against one of pre-defined roles, few of possible roles are

given below. These roles are defined according to the scope of the software application.

Top Management


HR Manager

Finance Officer

Inventory Controller

Data entry Operator

  • A quick interface to manage users with simple clicks
  • User Passwords re-setting, activating/inactivating within this module
  • Access control & rights management

our software modules are equipped with authentication and authorization procedure.

Each end-user is given access to its concerned area according to the role assigned to him.

  • Ajax based user interaction
  • Document scanning and attachments
  • Minimum data entry(single point of entry)
  • e-alerts/e-Mail/SMS alerts
  • Documents generation in PDF and Excel format
  • Easy file(s) management
  • Multi-user / user access levels
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Access control and rights management
  • Definition tables and smart drop down list of values
  • Scalability: scope for future development
  • Modular approach towards comprehensive ERP
  • Tight integration between different modules
  • To-Do List
  • Birthday reminder (integrated with HRMS)


We offer comprehensive and very useful reports as per formats defined by our customers. Reports Module offers better business insight for Top Management to know about the ups and downs in business trends and tendencies. It gives the required info in a bird’s-eye view.

Our Reports Module covers

  • Dashboard
  • Statistical Reports
  • Graphical Reports
  • Statistical reports
  • Graphical reports
  • Examples
  • Within this financial year
  • Within certain range of amount
  • Against some specific client
  • Against some specific product
  • For certain period of time
  • By some specific customer
  • Balance sheet
  • Ledgers
  • Profit and Loss
  • Receivables
  • Payables etc and a lot more ....

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